Another try!

Ok, so obviously I so far I haven’t done very well with this site. However, starting TODAY I plan on getting more involved. I have been working on a few new projects so I will post those soon so stay tuned! Thank you all very much for being patient & I hope to get back in the game & gain some new followers as well as keep me already loyal followers! 🙂

New Chapter

Ill start by telling you a little about myself! I am 28 years old. I  live in a small town in southern Illinois. I have a boyfriend of 10 years (yes I said boyfriend of 10 yrs!). We have owned our first house for 1 year, so now we are working on the ring! 🙂 I have an adopted brother. We are so much alike sometimes its hard to believe we aren’t actually blood related! lol Love him to pieces!
My mom is my very best friend. We hang out all the time & tell each other everything. I don’t know what I would do without her, especially since my dad passed away 9 yrs ago.
Other than that I have tons of great friends who make life so much fun & I cannot begin to imagine life without them.

I am generally a shy person, but am trying to change that, which is why I started this site. I am obsessed with DIY projects, reading & watching some of my fave TV shows (SOA, Pretty Little Liars, Castle, Criminal Minds & Blue Bloods are my top!). I think this site will mainly consist of my DIY projects (since I hope to own my own business someday soon!!) I’m still learning what to do with this site so please bare with me.

Thank you for checking out my site & I hope to keep you all following!